april - rosa escobar

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march - salena hernandez

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february - guadalupe sifuentes

Hi! My name is Guadalupe Sifuentes. I’m the CTA at Baty which means I ensure that the technology works properly at our campus. My other roles include helping in the cafeteria as well as assisting teachers with special projects. I am a proud Mexican immigrant who moved to Austin when I was 17 years old. Initially, the move was difficult due to the language barrier, but hard work paid off. I went to ACC and graduated with a degree as a network administrator. I have two wonderful boys, Mateo, a Baty Bobcat, and Ismael, who attends DVMS. They provide me with daily inspiration to be a better person. I believe that diversity, perseverance, education and technology can help our children to achieve their dreams and create amazing things in this world. I’m really happy to be a  staff member of the Baty Family.

Thank you to everyone for appreciating my work and making me feel part of the Baty family!

JANUARY - salena hernandez

HI, I am Salena Hernandez and I am so thankful to be staff member of the month. I was born and raised in Austin Tx. I have been blessed with 2 wonderful children who attend Baty Elementary. I graduated from Del Valle High School and went on to become a licensed Cosmetologist. I started out substituting for Del Valle wanting to be more involved in my children’s education. Little did I realize I loved helping students learn. So I attended ACC for my certification to become a Paraprofessional. I also work in the afterschool program in LEAD as the cheerleading coach. It’s been a wonderful working at Baty and building relationships with co-workers and students.

december - isabel casas


november - rosa escobar

I am so blessed to be working at Baty Elementary. I have been at Baty for seventeen years. I love working with kids. I like to help kids with their work and see that our students accomplish good test scores.

I am always willing to help teachers with what I can since I work in I.S.S.   (kindergarten to fifth grade). I also help with the 1,000 Word Challenge. I help with bus duty in the mornings and afternoons. I work the after school program called LEAD.

It’s all about working with kids and I LOVE IT!

October - Christopher Marvels

Born and raised in Austin, Texas. I Enjoy Golfing, Cooking, Fishing and Traveling.  I’ve traveled to 28 of 50 States. I’m a BIG Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs Fan.  I enjoy working with kids of all ages, hoping to make a positive influence on every student I come in contact with.

September - Esther Sanchez

My name is Esther Sanchez.  Twenty-three years ago I started babysitting a structured learning teacher’s children.  Each day when she came to pick up her own children, I would listen to her talk about her students.  It was this woman and her stories that led me to the field of special education.  I have now been working in structured learning for over 15 years, and have loved every minute of it.  Working with children with special needs can be difficult and exhausting at times.  However, the reward of getting to make a difference in the lives of children makes it all worth it.

I am often told by people that, “I’m always smiling.”  These comments bring back memories of my grandfather.  He would tell me, “You’re always smiling, keep smiling.”

I am always surprised when I am nominated for things, such as Staff Member of the Month.  I feel like Baty is filled with hard working and very deserving people.  I feel inspired daily by all of my coworkers, especially the two ladies I share a classroom with.

August - Adrian Solis

I Just feel so bless to begin yet another year, and to witness all the wonderful things the students will learn. I’m excited about my new responsibilities with textbooks and resource because it adds to the direct impact I have in the academic learning of our students. I also play a role in the morning with Safety Patrol, which I feel helps with the community involvement aspect of humanity and other social skills. In addition, I help out with our Chess Team during the lead program after school. All in all my goal is to form well rounded citizens for our future generation, in hopes they remember me when they think of the good things from their past. “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” – Bob Marley